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Beatles '65

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Beatles '65 album cover art
When The Beatles released Beatles For Sale in the UK and elsewhere in 1964, their American record label Capitol split its songs up between two new releases in the US (adding other assorted tracks to fill out the albums) — Beatles '65 and Beatles VI.

Beatles '65 was released a couple weeks before New Year's Day 1965 in the US, and is in fact a rather thin affair not generally representing the Beatles' best work. (One can make the same claim about Beatles For Sale, actually.) On the negative side, there are only 11 songs here (including the slight Carl Perkins covers "Honey Don't" and "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby", sung by Ringo and George respectively and bookending Beatles '65's second side); in the positive column, the great Beatles single "She's A Woman" b/w "I Feel Fine" is included. ("I'll Be Back", one of the non-US A Hard Day's Night's more compelling tracks, finally got an American release on Beatles '65 as well.)

The band was tired, tired, tired by the time much of this music was recorded, and their reliance on cover songs was a stopgap until they could get some rest (if only a little) and recharge for what would become Help!. Of course, Beatles '65 was a huge commercial success, and it does indeed contain several vital Beatles tracks that any fan in American would be obliged to buy without hesitation (the great trio of tunes that leads off the set, most importantly).

Beatles '65 is available on CD for American fans wishing to re-live the glory days of 1964-5; otherwise, these tracks are found mostly on Beatles For Sale and Past Masters 1.
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