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"Bad Boy"

Categories: Beatles songs

Something of a curio in The Beatles' catalogue, is "Bad Boy". Originally released in America only, on Beatles VI in 1965, it didn't get issued in the UK until a good year later, as a slightly incongruous inclusion on the Oldies (But Goldies) compilation.

It was recorded during the same Help! session as "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", also composed by one of their old faves, Larry Williams. Naturally, Bad Beatle Lennon got to raunch the vocal, backed up as goodly as you'd expect by the other Boys. Harrison's double-tracked lead helps to add an extra charge to the original's fairly basic 'back to the juke-box' riff.

Fine enough fun, tighter than a pair of drainpipe pants, and a nice little birthday present for Larry (if session dates are to be believed) but nothing very new for the band:

Well, this rock 'n' roll has gotta stop,
Junior's head is hard as rock:
Now Junior, behave yourself!
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