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"Back In The U.S.S.R." [LOVE version]

Categories: Beatles songs

Russian Revolution. Without s'much as missing a beat — though infiltrating another drummer during the switch — you're "Back In The USSR", boy:

Y' don't know how lucky you are, boy!
Back in the USSR!!!

All the glasnost and perestroika y'like hasn't managed to soften this one up any more than the previous number, leading Giles Martin to conclude that there was 'nothing much that we could do with it either' — aside from making the flight a little longer on the DVD edition.

Those Ukraine Girls still knock you out, get yer balalaikas ringin' out, and leave you as breathless as they did back in the Cold War/White Album era. Lennon on bass, battling it out with the McCussion and piano; George joining both of 'em on guitar...

Yes, I'm back!
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