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"Baby It's You"

Categories: Beatles songs

Like "Boys", "Baby It's You" was originally recorded by the 'sha-la-la' Shirelles. It's interesting to note Burt Bacharach on the writing credits: though here with Mack David, rather than his habitual partner, Hal David.

While The Beatles' Please Please Me arrangement is essentially the same as the original (George Martin's celeste taking the place of the rather tinny Hammond and Ringo well laid-back), it's the Lennonised lead vocal which puts their indelible stamp onto it, once again. Though not as raw as "Anna", he still manages to instill it with an emotional edge "that touched my heart" far more than the ladies' smoother, smoochier take:

What can I do,
When it's true?!!

McCartney and Harrison do, however, stick to smooth and smoochy for the backing vox, from the 'sha-la-las' to the 'cheats' — and they pull it off very nicely, thank you girls! It formed a staple part of their live set, so plenty of practice had made for almost perfect by the time they got to record it. Their supremely suave BBC Pop Go The Beatles rendition in June was preceded by some silly sha-la-la shenanigans.
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