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"Another Girl"

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"Another Girl" sees the lads larkin' around on a Bahamian reef(er) in the movie, all swappin' round instrumental duties: Paul's on lead blonde most of the time — 'he ain't no fool, and he's takin' what he want...' Back in the studio, with the backing track allegedly down in a single take, he also took on lead guitar, both the solo and that closing twangle being his.

On the album, both sides of The Pond, "Another Girl" was well-placed to boot the pace back up after the two preceding slowies.

It does bop along breezily enough, in a bluesy-country-poppy kinda way; but there's not too much more of real substance. Even the swingingly Sixties 'lay 'em an' leave 'em' line of the lyric is kind of comic, in an Austin Powers sort of way. "I don't want to say that" it's a bad little number: everything's very deftly executed, whoever was playing what at the time. 'Just a bit more than just filler', as Macca himself justified it.

Nevertheless, in terms of maturity, I can't help but feel that it would've fitted in on A Hard Day's Night a little more comfortably than it does here.

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