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"All You Need Is Love" [LOVE version]

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"All You Need Is Love" remains the most indelible signature tune of 'that summer', and — as at the time — heralded by the Pepper Band, it was the only real choice to provide the show-closer for LOVE; the Marsailles fanfare providing a fitting reference to Le Cirque's French Canadian roots into the bargain.

In the light of its 'unmisinterpretable' message, as Eppy had put it, not to mention the immense complexity of the original recording process — orchestral score, pre-taped backing, live broadcast performance and subsequent overdubs — the two GMs remained respectfully restrained throughout most of the anthem; aside, perhaps from an odd smattering of spurious percussion or piano here and there. After all's said and done,

There's nothin' you can do that hadn't already been done...

By the time it builds to its crackpot climax, mind you, they simply couldn't resist the temptation to play the game just a little longer. Who could, let's face it!

Getting a snatch of the original B-side to seep through the vinyl was rich, man: and that jangly guitar is just the ticket to forecast a few drops of rain. I don't mind... And there's the one and only band again, contriving to push their way back on stage a couple more times before Yesterday.

But, like it or not, 'now it's time to say "Good Night"', and the off-White strings whoosh in to wish us all the sweetest of dreams.

For the final farewell, they fortuitously fell upon the frivolities of a fan club flexi-disc, first recorded ('OK, put the red light on!') for Christmas, 1965:

This is Johnny Rhythm sayin' goodnight t'yersall 'n' god bless yers!

All you need.

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