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"All Together Now"

Categories: Beatles songs

"All Together Now" has to be the tritest piece of twaddle Paul McCartney ever wrote (with The Beatles, that is...) A football chant, no less! Nevertheless, in the context of the Yellow Submarine movie it worked just fine: actually cropping up twice. Bet you sing along at the end, too.

It was, in fact, written and recorded during the Mystery Tour sessions, with Paul on acoustic and John playing ukelele. George was evidently having too much fun trying to

Sail the ship,
Chop the tree,
Skip the rope

and co-ordinate the handclappers to be bom-bom-bom bothered about playing anything. With all and sundry helping out for the chorus, there's very much a J (for joint) I love you feel to the proceedings.

It's also a strong contender for the all-time favourite Fabsong award amongst the under-fives. The Muppet Show's Kermit covered the song, perhaps marking the beginning of Macca's frog fetish:

We all sing together!
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