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"All My Loving"

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Close your eyes and I'll kiss you,
Tomorrow I'll miss you,
Remember I'll always be true!

Undoubtedly the best-known song from With The Beatles, it's always amazed me that "All My Loving" wasn't issued as a single at the time. But, then again, given the run of 45s which the boys did put out in '63, it's tricky to say which one it should've replaced...

The song did have the honour of becoming an EP title-track in Engand the followng February, anyway; as well as being the first song which they played on The Sullivan Show in the States the same month (released on Anthology 1). As Paul would later astutely reflect, "It was a good show song. It worked well live."

It worked just fine on record, too, if you ask me, Macca: and 'nearly live' at the Beeb. That busy little backing, with its niftily timed dead-stops, is the perfect complement to the urgent lyric, even if it was — according to the composer once again — made up separately, after the words had been written: the first time he'd done it that way.

George's cranked-up C&W guitar solo was one of his best to date, and he's in particularly splendid voice here, too. With that double-track trick allowing Paul to rejoin him and John for the harmonies, the whole thing gains a previously unheard richnesss. Never did they sustain an "ooooooo" so long and so lovely!
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