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"All I've Got To Do"

Categories: Beatles songs

By his own admission, John was "trying to do Smokey Robinson again" on "All I've Got To Do" — and a pretty damn fine go of it he made, too! From the stretched-out opening chord to the hum-along fade, the whole thing positively oozes soul.

As on "Anna" from the first album, there's a raw passion in his delivery which carries the song far beyond the realms of the rather naive lovey-dovey lyric, which I've always found slightly at odds with the sophisticated structure of the arrangement. And, once again, he's backed up to perfection: vocally and musically. The loose, jangly guitars leave the emphasis firmly on the voice, accentuated beautifully by Ringo's hi-hat schwips; and, as the harmonies climb the scale during the refrain, your heart starts to soar as well.

Well, mine does, at least;

You just gotta call on me!
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