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"A Taste Of Honey"

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"A Taste Of Honey" is another cover, originally an instrumental from the score for the eponymous stageplay-made-movie. The Beatles had been performing the vocal version since thir residency at The Star Club.

Let's not get back into the 'Paul the Romantic' cliché here, but his honey-dripped delivery on the track really does have it "Tasting much sweeter than wine". It's another adventurous election as a song, with its drawn-out notes and tricky tempo shifts, but all four of them take it comfortably in their stride. I still remember hearing Please Please Me for the first time (Andrew Lester's house, aged fourteen...) and being wowed by how different "Honey" sounds from the rest of the record.

All the performances are exemplary, perfected during those long live sets: Harrison's delicate arpeggios, in particular, are a real treat. Furthermore, George Martin's production here is, for me, his masterstroke on the album. The double-tracking of McCartney's voice as it sweeps up into the "I will return" breaks is nothing less than majestic, and almost seems to give 'a taste of' his later, more psychedelic ventures with the band. As "The Fifth Beatle" (or sixth or seventh or eighth), his contribution to their recorded sound — from the very outset — can never be underestimated.

Even out of Mr M's capable hands, 'live' at the BBC in July, they were more than capable of pulling it off.
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