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"A Day In The Life" [LOVE version]

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Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy...

Well, I just had to laugh at John psyching himself up for "A Day In The Life"!

Sir George and son, on the other hand, were rather less amused at the prospect of having to re-tackle Sgt Pepper's grand finale for the LOVE project. As Giles put it: 'I knew there was nothing we could add to it. It really is a masterpiece'.

'The Day' was saved, however, when Allan Rouse, custodian of the Abbey Road Beatles Archives, came up from the cellar with a bunch of early takes; including the orchestra rehearsals.

Oh boy!

Combining elements from various sources — including the Anthology 2 version (itself a composite) — the subtleties of Lennon's spacey, rather sad vocal and the instrumental Beatle-backing are gently emphasized over the course of the opening verses: retouching 'the photograph', rescreening 'the film', revising 'the book'.

I'd love to turn you on!

The first crescendo comes and goes: as 'terrific, awe-inspiring and mind boggling' as GM had found it the first time around, the preliminary piano fill plinking its way through alongside the classical cacophony.

Big Mal's alarm clock is as punctual as ever. Paul wakes up, falls outta bed and finds that piano playing extra tricks across his head. Time for a smoke upstairs, and into that dreamy free-fall vocal from John.

I read the news today, oh boy...

Now, we're all aware of how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall, and how the original forty-piece orchestra was quadrupled for Pepper. With all those extra takes to be laminated onto the late edition, however, God knows (along with the other two Gs) just how many were used to fill the Mirage Theater with the final rush and — wait for it! — that crushing climactic chord.

Turn on, turn up, flip out!
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