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A Collection Of Beatles Oldies

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Psychedelic cover art of "A Collection Of Beatles Oldies (But Goldies)" (1966)
A pretty predictable Collection Of Beatles Oldies (But Goldies!)

EMI in a bit of a flap over having no prospect of a 1966 Beatlemas release, and the boys too laid back to give a damn.

Though obviously chucked together in a bit of a hurry, it did give a whole bunch of singles their debut at 33 1/3: "From Me To You", "We Can Work It Out", "I Feel Fine", "Day Tripper", "Paperback Writer" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand". The mixes for the stereo edition were overseen by GM in person. "She Loves You" was a completely new mix on account of someone having misplaced the mastertape, possibly 'lost in France'.

The selection gets as contemporary as "Eleanor Rigby"/"Yellow Sub", with "Bad Boy" lobbed in as a bonus: up till then it had only been EPd in Britain, though released on Beatles VI in the States. The groovy flower-power pop art cover helped bring bang up to date, too — not least in its adding a little more grist to the recently recruited Paul Is Dead mill-grinders.

I grew to love the thing on account of a second hand eight-track that me dad had in the Austin Maxi. Got some playing, I can tell you! Though it never really set the world on fire, given the double album price-tag on The Red, it was only rendered finally obsolete as a compilation by the arrival of the Past Masters CDs in 1988.
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